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Welcome to the 2017 Brockville Rowing Club Summer Camp Program! We are very excited to introduce/re-introduce you to the sport of rowing and to the reputation of athletic excellence at the Brockville Rowing Club. The BRC boasts almost 125 years of champions, and in this our 44th year of operation, thee summer camp offers you the opportunity to get your first taste of the sport and join in the tradition. Our goal is to make this a summer camp experience to remember. The object is to introduce eager young people to the basics of rowing technique and training while integrating fun activities and games into the program. We are committed to challenging our young rowers to test their abilities, but also, to have a lot of fun in doing so.

I am pleased, and excited, to tell you of a programming change for this year’s camp. Effective this year we will be offering our traditional camp program in the mornings through the month of July. In the afternoons we will be offering a sculling camp in 1 man training shells. Our sculling offering will also continue on into August where both morning and afternoon sessions will be conducted in the 1 man trainers. The move to learning in single man shells is in line with Rowing Canada guidelines and Long Term Athlete Development model and we are very excited to move in this direction. Our sculling only sessions will be limited to 6 participants and will enjoy a 1:3 instructor/participant ratio. Please refer to the camp dates and sessions page for more information.

I am also pleased to announce that Will Mulcahy we be at the helm again this year as our Director of Rowing Camps and our lead instructor. Will was a member of the Queens University coaching staff over the past academic year and we are fortunate to have him again for the summer.

Thanks you for considering our summer camps for your child. Rowing is a fascinating sport that teaches discipline, commitment and the value of hard work. It is also a road to higher learning opportunities and international competition if you are so inclined. Give us and rowing a try, I am confident that you will love the challenge.

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Yours in rowing,

Chris Marshall, Director of Rowing Programs, Head Coach


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